The word TURYA derives from the Sanskrit word ‘Turiya‘, which literally means: the fourth state of consciousness as distinct from the other three states: waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep. It further means: ‘the silence one experiences after sound‘.

The creator behind TURYA Pots, is London based Singer, Songwriter and Composer Nicki Wells, who describes why she chose this word to represent her own music: “I found the meaning of this word so powerful. I was surprised to even discover that there was such a word to describe silence experienced after sound. I thought it would be beautiful to use that word of silence to represent my own sound.”

Photo by John Nissari
Photo by John Nissari

Similarly to have or to hold a TURYA Pot is intended to evoke a feeling of silence in form. “ I wanted to create handmade, personal items that evoke the ethos of what TURYA is in your own home.” Nicki explains.“Pottery is so elemental, it uses earth, water, air and fire to create these unique pieces of art. Every item is completely unique and spontaneously created in the moment – quite like how I write music too.

Nicki describes her discovery for pottery was like meeting an ‘old friend’: “As soon as I touched the material of clay on my fingertips, it was like meeting an old companion I knew well in many past lives“, she laughs. “I fell in love with it right away. It gave me so much therapeutically and I felt like there were other sides of me as a creative being to be expressed through this medium“.

I love the idea,” she continues, “that someone can make practical use of these pots; to have someone who enjoys my music to drink tea out of a TURYA cup for instance, in the intimacy of their own home, is something that makes me smile. It’s a personal and unique experience. A sentimental object can stay with you for life.”